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EnviraClad have a broad experience in a range of industries including healthcare, catering, leisure, retail and education sectors

Healthcare Sector

Catering industry

Leisure and Sports Sector

Retail Sector

Education Sector

Enviraclad Glass Wall

Who do we work for?

Our client base is pretty diverse as we work for all kinds of industries. Although as you can see below, we undertake a lot of work in the healthcare and catering sectors.

  • Healthcare 25%
  • Catering 30%
  • Commercial (office and factories) 8%
  • Education 14%
  • Sports and leisure 6%
  • Retail 17%

Timely Support

We respond to all enquiries and customer requests quickly and efficiently


We’re more than just a supply and fitting firm. We can help with your project from conception to advise innovative solutions to meet your requirements.

Advanced Technology

Using the latest technologies and materials including antibacterial & antimicrobial cladding and our industry leading EnviraClad welded joints system.

Here to Help

We have experts in hand to offer FREE advice when ever you require. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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If you are interested to know more about how we can help with your cladding requirements, whilst saving you money then get in touch today!

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