Sports and leisure facilities

Hygienic walls and floors for changing rooms, shower areas, toiletsm swimming pool surrounds and other sports rooms

Leisure centres

Leisure centres have a heavy footfall of traffic and daily use in most of their facilities. Gym areas, swimming pools, changing rooms, shower areas and corridors are some examples of work we are asked to undertake at various sports and leisure facilities around the UK.

Changing rooms and shower rooms

Changing rooms and shower areas get a lot of use daily yet need to be kept in pristine condition for guests. Visitors to leisure centres not only expect a these facilities to look clean, they need to be very hygienic and easy for staff to clean and maintain.

Shower room wall panels

Show room walls must be water tight. Traditionally this used to be done using ceramic wall tiles but the most hygienic way to create shower rooms these days is using shower room wall panels. These PVC wall cladding panels are more sanitary than  other methods such as tiling.

Wash rooms and toilets?

Like shower rooms, toilet areas need to be sanitary and easy to clean by staff quickly at regular intervals. There is no better choice for this purpose than hygienic vinyl flooring and PVC wall cladding systems.

Swimming pool surrounds

The surrounding area of swimming pools need to be water proof and sanitary. PVC wall cladding is an ideal solution to fit this requirement. Again it has taken the place of wall tiles in this respect due to it’s hygienic properties, aesthetics and ease to maintain.

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Chris and his guys have helped on several of our leisure centre projects and we’ve always been more than happy with the work and service.

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